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Our inventories are imported from abroad first-hand with wide range of brands and models according to the latest domestic market needs. The units are in excellent condition and guaranteed after-sale service which reduce your 30%-90% costs.
During these years we have provided all types of electronics enterprises, technology companies and research units abundant products and perfect technical support by ...




About Us

Our company is a technology service-oriented enterprise , specializing in high frequency of testing instruments’ development, sales , leasing and services. From Oct. 1998, after years of accumulation and development , we have many electronic testing experts and marketing teams. And we have built up closed cooperation with lots of world-renowned

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Instrument :
TEL:     0755-83632951
FAX:     0755-83632951-801
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Kebijia Electronic Instruments Co., Ltd. 版權所有     粵ICP備17011879號-1  

Instrument Add:
 TEL: 0755-83002732,83632951 FAX: 0755-83632951-801

 TEL: 龍生13809869609,0755-27343996 FAX: 0755-27335480

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